You know how home-brewed beer is amazing? Yet only our buddies get to try it?

We want to create a chance for home-brewers to make delicious beer, and for all of us to try it. In fact, to not only spread the love of beer, but also support passionate home-brewers.

To get there, we've launched a crowd-funding campaign to brew 1,000 litres* of 1 chosen beer that is being sold on this site and at your favourite bottle shops after it gets brewed. We're also having a big judging party to celebrate.

*We have minimised the brewing amount to be able to reach our goal! 


The details


Crowd-funding campaign opened on 8th July. We'll be raising funds to pay for the beer that will get brewed, the judging event and the distribution of the beer.   

Beer competition also opened on the 8th July, and will be followed with a judging event at a secret location on Saturday 2nd September. Tickets are limited and will involve lots of giveaways.


We'll be choosing 1 winner and brew 1,000 litres of her // his beer. Beer will be sold on this site and around Melbourne. Of course, brewers will get a cut. The amount will depend on our ability to cover the cost of production. And yes, we do have a license to sell the beer. 

We will be giving away brews as well as brewing ingredients courtesy of grain and grapeHolgate, Fury & Son and Kooida. They love you.


We're flipping roles and having an all-female panel; because we can, and believe we should be more gender-diverse. Judges will include Kirrily Waldhorn from Beer Diva, Sarah (Salty) Otton Becky Centeno. You'll be in good hands.  

Beer submissions

Please refer to the Submit Beer instructions

Judging event

Judging event will be open to anyone. Ok, anyone who buys a ticket. Stay tuned for more details. All sales will go towards prizes and brewing. It'll be big and with lots of giveaways. 

Beer styles

All styles are a go. If you win, we might have to tweak your recipe if we can't find ingredients. We'll work with you to make sure the taste doesn't suffer. 

Intellectual property

All beer recipes submitted will be confidential and not shared with anyone, except the brewer. We're good people. 

Beer branding

Once we choose the winner, we will work with her // him to develop the branding for the beer, ensuring that it meets our community standards i.e no names or labels that could be deemed to be offensive. Sponsors of HopsAboard will reserve the right to have their logo on the label. We promise it'll look fab, just like our website!

Who's behind this?

It all started with Alvaro Maz love for beer and his failure to brew anything remotely decent. He also loves // is stuck doing projects with Jake Lindsay who manages to win every uno game at Beermash, our main supporters.


We're on twitterfacebook and have email too, if you're an email person.