We knew home-brew can be amazing, but only a small group of people get to try the beer.

In 2017 we launched HopsAboard, a home-brew beer competition that doesn’t award any medals, but a chance for home-brewers to make delicious beer, and for all of us to try it. In fact, to not only spread the love of beer, but also support passionate home-brewers doing what they love.

Each winner gets 1,000 litres of their beer, brewed, bottled and sold on this site, they also get a bit of $$ to go on the side, not a bad prize indeed! We throw a judging party to celebrate the winner. It's a lot of fun, we promise.

We have an all star female judging panel inlcuding Sarah ‘ Salty’ Otton, Rebecca Centeno, Tiffany Waldron, and Kirrily Waldhorn (Beer Diva) who have picked all the winners to date.

This unique concept was born by Alvaro Maz with help from Jake Lindsay

HopsAboard is bought to you by Jake (Left) & Alvaro (Right)

HopsAboard is bought to you by Jake (Left) & Alvaro (Right)