We were brewing beer. Our friends were brewing beer. The beer was great... yet only a handful of people tried it. Well that's not the case anymore. 




10 lb (2 row) us

3 lb (2 row) UK

2 lb Roasted Barley

1 lb Black Barley

1 lb Munich 20L

8 oz Chocolate malt

8 oz German-carafe 'll

8oz Milk Sugar (Lactos)

1 lb 100% Cocoa Bar

2 oz Fuggles

1 oz Holdings

1 oz Cascade

1pkg california ale V



6 lb amber syrup 

1 lb crystal malt

2 oz roasted barley

1 1/2 - 2 oz Cascade hops

115 g dry ale yeast

We created a chance for home-brewers to make delicious beer, and for all of us to try it. In fact, to not only spread the love of beer, but also support passionate home-brewers.

To get there, we've launched the first HopsAboard Competition where the winner will get 1,000 litres of their beer, brewed, bottled and sold on this site. We then throw a big judging party to celebrate the winner. It's a lot of fun.

We are also very lucky to have an amazing list of partners and in-kind contributors; 


The fine print...


russian imperial stout


2 lb, Alexander extract syrup (pale)

4 lb, Yellow Dog extract syrup (amber)

1-1/4lb, Brown Sugar

1/2 lb, Black Patent

1/4 lb, Roasted Barley

1/2 lb, Crystal (60 degree L)

1/2 lb, Crystal (40 degree L)

1/4 lb, Chocolate Malt

22 AAU (2 oz Nugget)

3 oz, Fresh Grated Ginger

1 oz, Cascade

Ale yeast (see comments)



6 lb Brewmaster Dried Wheat Extract

3 lb Brewmaster Dried Amber Malt Extract

1/2 lb chocolate malt

2 oz Hallertauer fresh hops 

1/2 oz Hallertauer fresh hops

1/2 oz Hallertauer fresh hops 

Wyeast Liquid Wheat Beer Yeast



Crowd-funding // pre-sales campaign will close on the 11th May 2018.  The funds will pay for the beer that is getting brewed and the judged during the HopsAwards event. 



First Prize: Your beer brewed at scale, $250, and the legendary HopsAboard trophy mug

Second Prize: Lots of free brewing goodies from our partners. (announced closer to the date)



This year we will do it a little differently. Not only will we have our stellar judging panel, but we will be opening up two of the judging spots to you - feel free to tell us why you would like to join the panel!